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Hot Stamping Foil

Metallic Foil (vacuum vapor-deposition foil)

Pigment Foil (Coating Foil)

KATANI Hologram Foil (Hot Stamping Foil)

Multi-color Stamping Foil


Cold Stamping Foil

Insulation Foil

Hairline Foil

HALF MIRROR Metallic Film / Stamping Foil

In-mold Stamping

Commissioned Processing

Synthetic Resin Film/Sheet and Related Products

Hot Stamping Machine/Equipment

Printing / Secondary Processing Machines

Precious Metal Foil/Powder

Facial blotting paper

Gold/Silver Thread

KATANI Glitters / KATANI Metal Powder


Creation of Brilliant Beauty
We produce decoration materials for adding "brilliant beauty" to various products. Among these, FINE FOIL has long been used for the decoration of a wide range of products including daily commodities, packages, cosmetic containers, home appliances, and automobile parts manufactured by leading companies in Japan and around the world.

Excellence in color, design and physical properties make FINE FOIL the top brand-name hot stamping foil product. It can be applied to any type of surface — plastic, glass and other materials as well as processed surfaces. It can also meet the demanding conditions for anti-chemical property and abrasion resistance — properties suitable for cosmetic containers. Another advantage is its ease of application; it is widely used for the decoration of home appliances, automobiles, cosmetics and many other products.

Environmentally Friendly Decoration Technology
Hot stamping is an environmentally friendly technology. While plating or painting could lead to environmental problems because of waste liquid or the use of solvent, hot stamping is perfectly safe, since it involves no use of hazardous solvent at manufacturing sites. The technology meets all Japanese and foreign environmental standards, and is adopted in various fields of manufacturing. In addition, hot stamping makes it possible to print in multiple colors in one process; it is regarded as a truly efficient and cost-effective technology.

We propose decoration using brilliant metallic materials as a way of making your products attractive.
KATANI products are used for the decoration of goods in a wide variety of fields from traditional crafts to the most advanced technologies. We provide all kinds of decorative materials to make your products brilliant — hot stamping foils, metal flakes and powders, gold and silver threads, glitters and various types of films.

Product type Products Main uses

Hot-stamping foil
Metallic foil (FINE FOIL): aluminum foil, chrome foil, special metal foil, half mirror foil, hairline foil, hologram foil, wood-grain foil, multi-colored printed foil (gravure printing, silk printing), pigment foil, high-brilliance pigment foil, insulation foil, foil for dating, foil for security measures, polarization foil Home appliances (TVs, DVD devices, audio devices, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.), mobile phones, cosmetic packages (for lipsticks, mascara, compacts, cream bottles, etc.) Automobile components (interior parts, exterior parts, engine covers), sport goods (carbon fiber, etc.), daily necessities, toys, stationery, optical devices, building materials, interior decoration, industrial devices, security devices (for preventing counterfeit products)
Paper products, packages (for food, cosmetics, etc.)
Gold/Silver thread Untwined thread, tasuki twine, hagoromo twine, maruyori twine, aluminum thread, silver thread, and other metal threads Kimono, clothing, embroidery, braided ropes
Metal foil Gold foil, platinum foil, alloy foil, aluminum foil, and related processed products and special products Food (metal flakes), esthetics, handicrafts, Buddhist altars/articles, building materials
Synthetic resin film /
finished products
Polyester film, neon film, industrial plastic film and related processed products (hard-coated, laminated, printed, trimmed, and slit products) Optical devices, prepaid cards, industrial materials, printing materials
Glitter / Metal powder Metallic, pearl-effect, hologram, special metal, heat-resistant and special shape types Cosmetics, nail polish, printing
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